The Rise of Magus


The story of Magus, legendary hero from Chrono Trigger


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The Rise of Magus is a 2D action platformer where you play Magus, one of most memorable characters from Chrono Trigger, and star in his story prior to the events that take place in the classic Super Nintendo game.

As in many other games of this genre, you gain skills and abilities as you advance in the story. In the beginning, for instance, you can only use the sword for melee attacks, but then you'll find the character's classic scythe in one of the first missions in the game.

Likewise, you start only with the fireball spell, but soon enough you find the rest of them, with which you can face all the enemies you find.

Magus can perform lots of different special moves. You not only move through the setting, but also slide, do double jumps, and even glide in the air for a few seconds.

The Rise of Magus is quite a fun action platformer. Fans of Chrono Trigger will particularly like it, since it shares characters, locations, and plenty of enemies with that original title.
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